Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can select the alternative login function to proceed with your application.

The Maltese swab or recovery certificate is free of charge.

The swab or recovery certificate can be issued at request from

The test certificate can be issued if there is a recent not detected test result which is reported by a health service provider within the last 72 hours. It is only the last test result which is provided.

The recovery certificate will only be issued if there is a detected (NAAT/PCR) test reported during the past 180 days, but before the last 14 days.

Yes, test certificates will always provide the last test result collected during the past 72 hours. For the recovery system each new certificate will recalculate the 180 days timeframe.

The swab test certificate will be valid for 72 hours from collection of test, while the recovery will remain valid for 180 days from the detected result date.

Please call 145 to request a change in details.

No, the data stored on the swab or recovery certificate can only be accessed and printed by the applicant.

Recovery certificates are not valid for entry into Malta. The Maltese health authorities encourage travellers to get vaccinated and obtain a recognised vaccine certificate prior to their travel. Travellers from countries where travel is permitted who are in possession of a vaccine certificate recognised by the Government of Malta are not required to quarantine on arrival. In the case of travellers who choose to travel with a test certificate rather than a vaccine certificate, only test certificates documenting negative RT-PCR tests performed not longer than seventy-two (72) hours before scheduled arrival are accepted for entry into Malta. Travellers 12 years and over travelling with a negative nasopharyngeal PCR test instead of a recognised vaccine certificate will still need to undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days on arrival. For more details please visit - Travel to Malta

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